Genesis Parameters?

One of the unique things about this project is that source parameters for each CNFT Fractal are included on the blockchain (Stored within the metadata for each token!) It is my hope that these incredible and unique images will inspire other artists to create their own 3D Fractals!

How do I access the parameters?
Parameter Files can be found within each Token's Metadata (Example parameters shown below, pasted into Notepad for reference)
Lighting, coloring of the geometry, and camera placement have been reset with the included parameters - This is done to encourage your creativity (making your own unique designs)! You will need to navigate the world and adjust parameters to find a composition that you like, add lighting/colors to the geometry, and render the finished image. The exact geometry from each CNFT image exists somewhere in the Fractal - can you find it?

Left: High Quality Render  -  Right: Genesis Parameters with Lighting/Camera/Coloring Reset

Setting Expectations
Exploring 3D Fractals can be a fun and rewarding experience, but creating amazing images using this software can be a challenging task - Mandelbulb 3D's workflow takes practice, requiring lots of tweaking and often days of rendering to produce a single beautiful/polished image. That being said, I hope that you are able to create some amazing artwork using this software. If you begin creating 3D Fractals, you will truly appreciate the amount of time spent to create each image in this collection!
Getting Started
1. Download and open Mandelbulb 3D
2. View the metadata for a Fractal CNFT and copy included parameters to your Clipboard
3. Open Mandelbulb 3D and Click Open > From Clipboard > Navigator to begin exploring your Fractal!
more info on learning this software?
There are many great tutorials and guides available online, covering basic and some of the more advanced features of Mandelbulb 3D. We will include links for these resources soon, please also feel free to reach out on Twitter or Discord if you have any questions!
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